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2020 Design Trends

I'm gonna start this blog post off by saying something crazy! Farmhouse decor is out! ( I know everyone is gasping, or making a horrible face in disgust, some of you might not even continue reading this post!) There I said it and I feel better already! Don't get me wrong I love farmhouse decor! I have shiplap on my walls! (side note shiplap doesn't go out style it is a classic look that adds texture and warmth to your home!) But the super rustic decor is out! Rustic signs that say kitchen, in your kitchen out, the color gray out! I know I sound like a mad women, but hear me out! Farmhouse was a glorious moment in design, but it became so comericalized. Everyone has the same decor in their home. I think in 2020 people want something that feels unique to them personally and their home. If your house is filled with farmhouse decor don't toss it to be on trend with 2020. But don't be afraid to change things up in your home and make things feel personal.

Now that I ruffled some feathers lets talk about color for 2020. I don't know if any of you have ever heard of the Pantone Color Institute. They help companies make color desecions about their brand and products. They come out with a color of the year every year! It's a pretty big deal in the design world. Usually the color is very vibrant and it doesn't translate into home decor. However this year their color choice is Classic Blue. Classic Blue reads as a cobalt blue. I actually like the color and I can totally see this translating to wallpaper, accent walls, and pops of color in furniture and other small decor items.

Pantone Color of the Year 2020

Sherwin Williams Color of the Year 2020

Sherwin Williams color of the year is-Naval, a navy blue. Which isn't surprising at all! I've been using this color in homes over the past couple of years. It's a beautiful, rich, color that pairs well with the ever popular brass color. The thing I love about Sherwin Williams color of the year choice is its bold, but safe at the same time and versatile. This color say's I'm confident in my color choice! This color is amazing on kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, dining rooms, and ceilings. You can't go wrong with this color! Is it a super new and exciting color choice for 2020 that's pushing us outside of our comfort zones?! No but that's why I love it!!

Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2020

Speaking of comfort zones. Let's talk about Benjamin Moore's color of the year-First Light. A rose pink hue that is beautiful.

This color is outside of our comfort zones and I love it! When's the last time you thought about painting a wall pink? And I'm not talking about a nursery or little girls room! Never right! I'm dying to use this color in a home. I might have to redo our master bedroom just to use it!

According to the experts at elldecor and vogue jewel tones will be really popular this year along with creams, and browns! Yes I said it browns, ( I can barley type this) browns will be popular again? Didn't we all just paint our walls gray to cover up the browns we chose to paint our walls in 2008? I'm still having a hard time with the idea of browns being popular! But neutrals make since to me! Gray was the most requested paint color from our clients the last 4 years! However there is slowly starting to be a shift from gray to white! White is so versatile in a home, it can read cool, or warm, and always brings light to a space! Which (lets be honest) in the pacific north west we need our homes to lighter and brighter!

I think we will see jewel tones in accent pillows and throws this year. I believe we see lots of brown. . . wood tones! Natural wood tones are so 2020! They help make a room feel grounded, and bring in elements of nature. I believe we will see texture in homes this year as well-leather, burlap, sued, velvet, and macrame. I've said it earlier but I think home owners are going to focus on making their homes feel unique and personal. More antique and vintage finds, pulling out those knick-knacks grandma gave you, but they've been in a closet for years because you didn't know where to put them.

As far as home remodels in 2020 light flooring and light walls are in. Painting interior doors a dramatic color will be popular. If you'er feeling really brave you can even paint your trim a dramatic color. Wallpaper is in and here to stay for a while! On the walls or on the ceiling don't be afraid to use wallpaper in your home. Granite and Marble countertops are out! Clients are looking for countertops that are less high maintenance. You will be seeing a lot more quartz and porciline countertops. You can't go wrong with a classic subway tile, but for 2020 I think people will be experimenting more with different shapes and colors for their backsplash. Don't be afraid to take your countertop and continue it up the wall as your backsplash. Lastly all white kitchens are out!! No more white cabinets, with white subway tiles, and white countertops. We will see bolder colors used in kitchens. We will also see 3 toned kitchens in 2020 along with full wall cabinets and mixed metals.

Lastly we have to talk about Mid Century Modern Decor. Mid Century Decor is the new farmhouse decor! It's everywhere right now Target, even Walmart. The term Mid Century Modern really meshes a bunch of different design styles and actually gives your freedom to mix and match styles in your home. So ride the Mid Century Wave! Add texture and funky colors to your decor! Buy a brass globe light fixture, add plant to your shelf! Embrace these trends they'll be here for the next few years!

Thanks for reading my post on trends for 2020! I hope I actually gave you some new information, and encouraged you to try something new in your home! Leave a comment and let me know how cra-cra I am!



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