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Black Dining Room

Hey all!

Wanted to share our dining room update! We shared with you guys on instagram that we would be painting our dining room and giving it an update! Our home is only 3 years old, and we have an open floor plan! So it's been our goal to define each space. The dining room was one room we hadn't really touched yet, besides painting it. Last summer we made this concrete table for our dining room.

We used an old door and coated it with concrete skim coat, then we bought metal legs on amazon and attached them. We found the chairs at target of course. We also started trimming out our windows. They didn't have any trim on them originally. There is just something about clean white trim that I LOVE!

So that was our dining room! But I really wanted to define the space even more and replacing the chandelier was a must! If you've read my blog or seen our instagram you know I'm a little obsessed with Benjamin Moore Paint! Last year Benjamin Moore came out with a signature line of paint called Century. Century is described as the first paint with a soft touch matte finish. I had to try this paint out in my home somewhere! The dining room was the perfect place!

So we drove out to Bellevue to the Mallory Paint Store to check out the century line of paint.

They have all of the color samples in store in Bellevue so we made a special trip. I knew I wanted a color that would be dark and moody and creates a feeling of coziness . For those reasons a dining room is a great space to have a dark paint color! So we debated for a while between magnetite which is a charcoal or obsidian which is black. We went bold! We ordered obsidian, it would take about a week to ship to the store because each can of paint is handcrafted.

We decide to paint the ceiling in our dining room and the main wall with windows! Here is our before picture mess and all! We still didn't have a chandelier picked out. Peter got to work painting! The paint went on super easy and covered really well! The walls defiantly have a suede like feel to them! Something about the matte paint makes the room feel very luxurious.

We also added trim to the ceiling in the dining room. I wanted a really clean line around the dining room to really define the space. I wanted it to make sense that the ceiling paint was different in the dining space than the rest of the home. We added the rest of the window trim to make the room feel complete. Next up was to find a Chandelier. I Knew I wanted something that was a lighter color and that had an organic feel to it. The dining room is dark and the chandelier needs to balance it out.

Here are some of my inspirations for the chandelier.

I had a hard time choosing a chandelier! I wanted one with multiple lights, but I also wanted a woven basket chandelier as well and I wanted to spend $100 or less. I couldn't find one anywhere. So I decide to make one! Not the basket of course just the chandelier.

We went basket shopping with four kids!! Which was silly and everyone cried so we left! Then I went back out by myself to World Market. I picked up a basket and a pendant light fixture from them too! Then we took wire cutters and cut a circle out of the bottom of the basket that was the same size as the pendant light bulb. We bought a four light splitter from amazon that just screwed into the light bulb. Peter installed it of course. For right now we love it, I might change it eventually but for now its giving me all of the feels. We also bought a jute rug for under the table. Not only was it a purchase to add some texture and style to our dining room it was also for function. We don't want our floors getting all scratched up by our dining room chairs. I splurged on a faux fiddle tree from hobby lobby! I also added some real plants! Fingers crossed that I don't kill them! Without further a due. Here is our updated dining room!

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