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Periwinkle House

Hey Guys I'm back again! Here talking about the Periwinkle House! This was one of our favorite projects because it was our dear friends the Johnson's home. This amazing family of 7 had the courage to let us update their home for them so they could sell it for top dollar! We have been friends with the Johnson family for many years! They had been encouraging us in our new business venture.

They had us over for dinner one evening and told us they wanted to update their home because the were considering moving in the next two years. We were extactic! So the planning began.

Johnson's already new what they wanted and had great taste so we knew we were there just to guide them along the way of this renovation.

Their list of items to be updated:

-new flooring through the lower level

-new paint

-new trim

-new counter tops

-new sink

-add back splash

We added refinishing their cabinets and changing out light fixtures to their list. First project to tackle was painting. It took us a while to settle on the perfect paint color for their home. We need something to brighten their home up. But it couldn't clash with the ceiling paint color. We decided on Gray Owl, by BM of course. It was the perfect mix of white, gray, and a hit of blue. It left their home feeling clean and airy. The other best part about working with the Johnson's was they did all of their own painting!( I don't know how to add emoji's on here but if I could it would be the the two hands up for a touch down!) Having them paint freed us up for more projects around their home and helped our budget immensely.

Entry way pictured with new paint color and new flooring

Next we had to find flooring for the house and figure out how to refinish the cabinets. The Johnson's wanted a laminate flooring that was durable, kid proof basically! We looked at a billion different flooring samples from every store you could think of! Then one day they called us and said Costco had flooring and they liked it! Peter and Me were like Costco has flooring?!(mind blown here people) So of course we had to check it out for ourselves. Sure enough Costco had flooring and it looked great and seemed really durable! Check, flooring picked out!

On to the cabinets which were honestly stressing us out! We knew it was possible to sand down the cabinets, but was it possible to change the stain? The answer was yes and no! So the Johnson's wanted a lighter stain on the cabinet than they had. What they had was a medium honey oak color. They wanted something lighter more modern. The only problem with that was we couldn't get the cabinets to be light without totally distorting them . We would have had to sand them down to nothing to remove the original stain. The other option was to put a darker stain on. Which we thought was a bad idea! Kitchen trends at the time where white cabinets or lighter colors.

So we talked them into letting us paint their cabinets white. Which they were super nervous about, but we moved forward. Flooring went in next followed by baseboards. Then we found out that the Johnson family would be moving sooner rather than later! So not only did we get to help them with this home, Peter would also get the privilege of helping them find a new home! It also put us on a rushed time line to get everything completed so they could sell their current home.

After flooring was put in Peter and I came up with the idea to add shelves on either side of the fire place. Then I came up with the idea to add a Stencil behind the shelfs to make that wall a feature wall in the home. I bought the stencil off of etsy from cutting edge stencils. The stencil color is BM Flint, it's this beautiful blue, gray, charcoal color. It totally popped on the light wall color. First I stencil the wall then Peter built the shelves in place. Next I painted the shelves BM Decorators White.

(from left to right is the before pictrure, starting the stencil, to finishing the stencil)

The biggest job was up next painting the cabinets. If you've never painted cabinets before it doesn't seem that hard! But let me tell you it's a lot of work. I mean a lot of work! (I won't go into details about the process of painting cabinets, we'll just save that for another post!) However the transformation makes it all worth it! The cabinets got painted Decorators White by BM( like I would choose any other color!) Then we talked them into painting just the island BM Flint! It was just the pop of color the kitchen needed. We added hardware to the cabinets, and pendant lights above the island. We also add a new chandelier in the breakfast nook off the kitchen. New quartz countertops were added too! We used" Tops Solid Surface in Lacey. They had a great selection and were easy to work with! We had these grand visions of using a white quartz with gray veining.(almost a marble like look) But the budget didn't allow for that! So we ended up deciding on a light gray quartz which actually ended up breaking up the all white cabinet nicely. We also had planned on putting in a marble arabesque backsplash. However we were running short on time, so we ended up switching it to a white subway tile from lowes, with a charcoal grout! (you can never go wrong with subway tile)

At this point we had the kitchen completed, flooring completed, and the downstairs bathroom completed. We needed to finish the fireplace, and the Johnsons were trying to decide if they wanted to update their master bathroom too. So while they thought about that we worked on the fire place. We had removed the tan builder grade tile that was on the fireplace and needed something to replace it with. The fireplace was turning into this moment in their home!( the moment when you walk in and your like OMG this is amazing I need this home!) So we didn't just want to put the same white subway tile from the kitchen on it. After going to all of our favorite high end tile stores, Lowes ended up coming in for the win. We found the beautiful blue glass subway tile. Guess what it was on clearance too!! The hearth of the fireplace still needed a tile. I got to take the home owners shopping for this tile. They picked out a gray tile that match the counter tops for the hearth. The fireplace was almost finished! How many people have the silly alcove above their fireplace? Like what are you supposed to do with that? Well instead of sheet rocking over it, Peter had the idea to put shiplap in it to give it texture, and interest. Now the Johnson's had said no shiplap! But we snuck it up there on the fieplace and waited to see what they thought! They ended up loving it! (We also ended up adding shiplap to the back of the island and painted it BM Flint! I'm a firm believer in repeating design elements within a home! The eye loves a little repetition!!) The last thing we added was a wood mantel Peter made. We tried to play off the color of the flooring for the mantel. This post is getting too long! So stay tuned for the 2nd post on the rest of the Periwinkle remodel.

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