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Starting a business

Hey guys! Thanks for sticking around to read another blog post! I truly want to hear from all of you out there about what kind of content should be on our blog. Should we do some DIY posts about different projects we've done? Like shiplap walls, or built in's, or floating shelves?

I'm waiting to hear from you so let me know!

Until I hear from you guys I thought I would share more on how our small business got started. If you read the first blog post you already know we updated our own home to turn around and sell it. So we knew this was going to be our new business model. But we just weren't sure where to get started. Then our next door neighbor stopped us and started up a conversation about us selling our home. She loved everything we had updated in our home and wanted to do the same thing to her home.

From there we started the "Stecks' house"!

It was an honor to work for the Stecks family, they were so kind to us as we worked through the kinks of our first project! This home got a mini face lift!

We started with a fresh coat of paint, we used Silver Clamshell by Valspar. It complimented the ceiling color so we didn't have to paint the ceiling. Next all of the trim was replaced with white trim. The Steck family had already replaced the flooring with a wood look laminate. Which looked great in their home. Next we added new light fixture in the dinning area. The light fixture is from Amazon! (I am an Amazon associate. I will only provide links to Amazon products that I have purchased and used! I also only get compensated for these products when you purchase a product. You can read more about it here.)When I'm in a time crunch I will usually order a light fixture form Amazon (can't beat that 2 day shipping) I've included a link for the light fixture we used.

In our home we had painted a wall stencil in our kitchen. The Steck's family wanted a similar stencil also. I love doing stencils, they're a tone of work but total worth it in the end. This wall stencil is form Etsy, the shop is Cutting Edge Stencils. We painted the stencil with Benjamin Moore Randolph Gray. You will hear me talk about Benjamin Moore paint a lot! I love the quality of their paint it covers extremely well. Benjamin Moore has a huge range of colors to choose from. I love that their paint colors don't have a lot of unwanted undertones. Benjamin Moore paint stays true to color. If you buy gray paint form them you're not going to take it home and think its purple or blue etc. when you put it on your walls! For the most part you can see any undertones and make an educated decision on your paint colors. Enough about BM, lets get back to this kitchen. We decided on two tone cabinets with white on top and gray on the bottom. The uppers are Decorators White by BM and the lowers are Graystone by BM. We also added cabinet hardware! I like to say cabinet hardware is like jewelry for your cabinets. It's that final piece that completes a kitchen. I added a link to my favorite cabinet hardware from Amazon.

Like in so many homes the upper cabinets didn't go all the way to the ceiling. So, Peter custom built a new cabinet to go above the other cabinets. When cabinets go to the ceiling they draw your eyes upward making the ceiling feel taller and taking advantage of all that additional space for storage. Yay for storage! am I right? We did glass doors on those to make them feel more open! Next we removed a random single upper cabinet above the sink. We replaced it with open shelves that Peter Custom built. Lastly we added shiplap to a wall in the kitchen and also added more open shelves. The Pictures speak for themselves!

The Steck's Family sold their home in one weekend for asking price! Then Peter had the pleasure of helping this sweet family find their new home in an awesome community. The whole transition went really smoothly. We're so blessed to work with such an awesome family!

Thank You Stecks family for getting our small business off the ground!

Hope you liked this blog! Let me know if you want to hear more about our paint color choices, or about the actual process of painting cabinets! Tell me what to write people!


Chaussee Ellis

P.S. Please take a second to look at this video still of my face. Then laugh at the ridiculous face I am making! Then watch the video about the Stick project! Special thanks to HannaKay Photography and Films, for making this video!

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