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Thanksgiving Decor

Anyone else love the holidays?(raise your hand if your with me!) I don't know about you guys but the holidays always make me want to update my whole house! I mean new furniture, rugs, decor everything! If your also like me that is completely out of the question! If I did that . . . then there would be no money left for Christmas! So I've been working on just adding a couple of fun things to our decor to make it feel fresh and ready for the holiday season! So here are my Thanksgiving Essentials!

Living Room Thanksgiving Essentials:

1.Corduroy Accent Pillow 2.Striped Pillow Cover 3.Plaid Throw 4.Knitt Throw 5.Yellow Wreath

6.Stripe Accent Pillow 7.Fuax Fur Accent Pillow 8.Herringbone Throw 9.Basketwave Throw

10.Eucalyptus Wreath 11.Cable Knit Accent Pillow 12.Striped Pillow Cover 13.Ceramic Pumpkin

14.Wire Pumpkin 15.Pumpkin Lantern 16.Blessed Accent Pillow 17. Yellow Faux Plant

18. Pumkin Spice Candle 19.Harvest Candle 20.Knit Pumpkin

Thanksgiving Dining Essentials:

1.Orange Table Runner 2.Hexagon Coaster 3.Cutting Board 4. Marble Cheese Board

5.Black and White Stripe Table Runner 6. Marble Serving Platter 7.Thankful Platter

8. Wood Bead Garland 9.Gray table Runner 10. Marble Cake Stand 11. Black Pumpkin Cocotte

12.Rose Gold Serving Set 13. Modern Candle Stick 14. Glass Carafe 15. Pattern Glass

16. Brass Cheese Knives 17. Magnolia Leaves Garland

There you have it, some Thanksgiving decor that is sure to wow your guests! Don't forget to comment with your favorite item!

-Peace Out


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