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Valentine's Day Home Decor

Raise your hand if you decorate your home for Valentine's Day! I like to keep things simple and subtle when it come to decorating for a holiday besides Christmas. For Christmas I go big it's the one time of year I think it's ok for your decor to be loud and in your face. So for V-Day I like to keep it simple and I like my V-Day decor to be able to transition into spring decor too. This year I only switched out a couple of items to make my home feel romantic and ready for V- Day.

I purchase pink velvet pillow covers to add a pop of color that feels romantic in my living room.

I switched up my letter board to say something that reflects my deep love for my family! (anyone else love a letter board?!) In our house we eat tacos at least once a week, so this is very fitting.

Then I also changed up my decor on my floating shelves too. I add some pops of pink with some faux peonies. I switched out a Christmas decor in a large picture frame for some XOXO art work, and made a V-Day wifi password sign for our guests. It's fun to just change little things in your home decor to reflect different holidays. It's also exciting when you have guest come over to see if they notice these subtle changes you've made.

Now that I've shared my personal Valentine's Day decor, check out my V-Day decor must haves. You don't need all of these items to make your home feel like V-Day. Just a couple of items will give your home all of the Valentine's Day vibes!

1. Heart Table Runner 2. Faux Fur White Pillow Cover 3. Velvet Lilac Pillow Cover

4. Blush Rounded Tuffed Pillow 5. Faux Heart Shaped Olive Leaf Wreath

6. Blush Candle Holders 7. Pink Watercolor Heart Bowl 8. Rose Ceramic Candle

9. Rose Throw Blanket 10. Hand Towel 11. Faux Ranunculus Stem

12. Heart Shaped Pancake Mold 13. XOXO Snack Bowl 14. Heat Cut Out Platter

15. Love Is Love Bar Glass 16. Striped Doormat 17. Home Doormat

18. I Love You Mugs

My favorite items from this list has to be the heart shaped pancake mold! Our kids love pancakes and a Valentine's Day heart shaped pancake mold would be right up their ally! I'm also a coffee addict so the coffee cups totally speak to me! Don't forget to leave a comment and tell me your favorite item.


Chaussee Ellis

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